This site is for hosting any visual novel related material.

Why is it needed? Free file hosting services come with various limitations such as:

  • Limited max file size.
  • Limited total storage.
  • Limited traffic / bandwidth (such 20 GB per day for DropBox)
  • Waiting times (wait 30 seconds before downloading / 1 file per 30 minutes)
  • Direct access (hotlinking) is not allowed.
  • Tracking of number of downloads is not supported.
  • Files expire and get deleted after days of inactivity.
  • They have annoying advertisements, CAPTCHA codes or even malicious popups, tracking cookies and other malware.
  • A lot of file sharing sites were shut down in the past either by court orders (Megaupload) or other reasons (

What sorts of files are allowed? Anything is fine as long it is related to visual novels or their creation in some way.

What sorts of files are not allowed?

  • Illegal (warez, games that infringe on copyright, child pornography)
  • Extremely hateful (racist, sexist, bashing a certain religion)

Files that get a DMCA takedown notice will be taken down.

May I host adult content? Yes you may. When linking directly to adult content (includes, but is not limited to, explicit sexual activity, depictions of sexual nudity and extreme gore) you are required to provide a content warning next to the link (except when linking from places that require a login and a positive claim that the users are 18 years of age or older).

How can I get uploading privileges? Submit a request here and you will be granted uploading access. You can then link directly to the uploaded files.

Can I track the number of downloads? Yes. Note that this is not enabled by default. Contact us and we will set you up with download tracking.

Can I use a FTP client? Yes. You will receive a FTP account and access to web-based uploader.

Where are all the files hosted here? There is no list of files on this site. If you are looking for a place to promote your visual novel or find free visual novels try the Ren’Ai Archive.

Can I use this to host a website? It is possible to run a simple (HTML only) website, but we recommend using Visual Novel Initiative website hosting instead, which supports more features.

Can I use this to run a web-based visual novel? Yes you can run visual novels based on engines like WebStory Engine and Belle, but we recommend you use instead, which also allows you to edit files directly online, instead of uploading every change.

I have a question that’s not answered here. Contact us here.